Monday, March 2, 2009

If I were a rock star....

Apparently I had too much down-time on my hands today, because I caught myself imagining me as a rock star.

I have decided that if I were a rock star, I would have a dramatic up-do, a glamorous little black dress and a glittery guitar. (Especially a glittery guitar!)

Alas, another day in which the solution to ending world hunger has eluded me......


  1. Danielle! I don't know if you remember me from Wayland. You were the admission guru on my tour and I met up with Georgia, Carla, and Bessie Ann. How are you! (My maiden name was Hogue, now it's Emily Smith)

  2. Oh WOW! How are you? I can't believe you found me on here. I really just started blogging because I was boring my husband to tears with all of my rantings!