Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Few Extremely Discombobulated Thoughts

The first reason I wanted to blog a little today was because a friend's blog jogged my memory of a particular Saturday or Sunday afternoon when my husband and I went grocery shopping. We were expecting our first baby and were trying to be frugal and always eat at home because, while we didn't have a clue about being parents, we knew that that baby would be extrememly expensive once he/she arrived! Anyway, there was a Long John Silver's restaurant in the same shopping center as the grocery store, and for whatever reason, we both thought that our lives could just not continue as normal without some of that super greasy "fish" and those freakishly crunchy crispies.

So....we decided to splurge. We went in and ordered and sat down in a booth to enjoy our one plate of food and one soft drink! Here's to splurging!!

Soon after arriving home today from church, Jonathan received a text message that is proof prayer works!! Not even a lot of prayer.....just a little prayer. I just wanted to share that.

Sitting down at the computer to enter my aforementioned thoughts, an old roommate of mine sent me a message via the Chat feature on Facebook. She lives on the other side of the world now and was heading off to bed, but the few moments we were able to reminisce reminded me how it felt to be young.

Well that's all for now....crying baby in the background and a 7-year-old anxiously waiting to give mommy a makeover.

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