Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desperations of a Housewife is silent.

Today was one of those days that made me wonder how I came to be here. Among other things, my two-year-old decided the plants needed some baby lotion. He got away with this because I selfishly stole away to the bath while he was napping. His big blue eyes and nonsensical yet serious gibberish as he proudly tells of his recent doings would soften the blow for most observers, but my love affair with cute ended a while back. (Was it the day he ate the Comet or the time he stripped himself of his dirty diaper that did it?)

So now there are blobs of pink on the leaves and in the potting soil. To clean or not to clean? THAT, Mr. Shakespeare, is ALWAYS the question. Does baby lotion eventually soak in or perhaps evaporate? Would this qualify as a Science Fair project?

The highlight of the day was to be the Bible study that I have missed for the passed two Wednesdays because I gave away my time to high school students who neither noticed nor cared. Amidst tormented screams, cries of injustice, and wails of a much-too-short naptime, we managed to pile into the car. It wouldn't start. Not the usual-won't-start-unless-you-get-the-battery-jumpstart-thing-out-of-the-trunk-and-pop-the-hood won't start, but a new-almost-gonna-wait-here-it-is-nope-not-gonna-do-it kind of won't start. Really?!

I think I'll go to bed.

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  1. Hey! Stumbled here from Georgia's blog.
    Wow. I sure wish I had some mothers around to swap stories, and share frustrations, and encourage each other with ideas we've each tried that might help someone else in this journey of motherhood. I just ordered 6 parenting books!
    Sorry about your car!